Monday, March 31, 2014

Barkleyville Dog Park- Safety of City Park Questioned
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Barkleyville Dog Park is popular and successful because it is the ONLY dog park of quality located in the city of Stockton. The city park is located at 5505 Feather River Drive and on any given evening, if you show up around 6:30 PM you will see an abundance of caring, involved dog owners and their pets enjoying the many amenities of the park, which include:
  • Four Acres
  • Agility Course
  • Separated Large Dog (>20 lb) and Small Dog (<20 lb) Play Areas
  • Benches
  • Walking Paths
As the most popular dog area in Stockton, and one of only three official Dog Parks recognized my the City of Stockton  it is frustrating, knowing that the City of Stockton takes no action to protect its citizens or their beloved pets. Since the start of the year, at least three car accidents have taken place in front of the dog park and endangered the lives of people and animals alike. Please continue reading for additional information:

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hikers Beware!

Lake Tahoe is a beautiful place to go hiking in the spring, summer, and fall!
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With it's close proximity to Stockton and it's welcoming attitude towards dogs, it seems like an ideal place to hike, but you might want to rethink that this year.

As early as January, rabies infected animals have been discovered throughout El Dorado County. Rabies is primarily transferred to dogs through the bite of an infected animal, and can lead to extreme aggression, seizures, and death of your family pet. There is NO CURE for your dog once symptoms reveal themselves, and it is possible for you contract the disease as well. Similarly, once symptoms show up in a human, no known cure exists for the disease.

Treats for Your Pooch

I have two very active dogs and I am ALWAYS searching for ways to entertain them. I was shopping at Cost-Co recently, and I came across a pack that included a Tricky Treat Ball and Nature's Champions Training Treats. The whole thing was under $20 and my dogs go crazy over it! Seriously, they will play with it for HOURS at a time and don't make a peep, or find time to chew on anything they aren't supposed to!

Dogs & Babies- How to Prepare Your Family Pet For the New Addition

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I have noticed a trait in Stockton Craigslist Ads. Many of the "Free Dog to Caring Home" ads use a baby as the primary reason why they can no-longer keep the dog. These ads say something like:
"Friendly, well-behaved dog. We hate to get rid of her, but we are expecting a baby and will no longer be able to keep her."
A baby should never be a reason to abandon your pet! Just like you create a birthing plan for your little human's arrival, you should also make a plan to prepare your pet for the changes your family is about to experience! You have nine months to prepare, and adding a little patience and extra training time can do wonders to ready your pet for a little-one, regardless of your fur-baby's personality. Try these helpful ideas for starters!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Get your Dog Micro-chipped Now!!!

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The Importance of Micro-chipping: 

Dogs are not like other animals. They build strong emotional bonds with their owners and are truly a unique and important part of the family. If you have a family pet, get it micro-chipped today! It is YOUR responsibility as head of the family to keep your family united and whole. No matter how hard you try, it is impossible to keep your pet safe and in the yard 100% of the time. Micro-chipping is inexpensive and it is THE BEST way to ensure the return of your loved family canine!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Great Dog Toys!!!-Busy Buddy (Combating Separation Anxiety)
This is My Dog's Favorite! My oldest dog is roughly 8 months old and suffers from separation anxiety. His anxiety is most extreme when he is kenneled, but he experiences it in some form almost every time we leave the house. I tried everything the books suggested:

  • Ignoring him while I was getting ready to leave.
  • Not making a big deal of seeing him when I came home. 
  • Giving him special treats or bones when we left. toys held his interest for a few days, and would reduce his anxiety, but it would always start back up again. Eventually someone recommended that I purchase a Busy Buddy, and I have never been happier!

Ways To Keep Your Puppy Healthy, In and Out of Stockton
Vet Bills Can Be Expensive, Regardless of the Cause. 

Here are some simple and effective ways to reduce the cost of owning a dog without compromising your pet's health! Using these vet recommended tips will save you cash and ensure your mutts health, even if you can't afford regular trips to the vet!